Lollywood Actress Laila now enter in Pashto film ‘Charsi’

Pakistani actress Laila is a very sexy and hot actress in Lollywood film industry. She has been working in Urdu and Punjabi films for a long time. She is very famous for hot and sexy dances and also in Stage dramas. She has also worked in many advertisements.

Pakistani Actress Laila now in Pashto Film Industry

Many Lollywood actress joining the Pashto cinema, now Laila also enter to Pashto showbiz ad and her first Pashto film will be ‘Charsi’ with Shahid Khan. In Pakistani film industry, the Pashto cinema is a only hope to alive film industry. Pashto film industry releases more than 30 films every year and 5 Pashto were released only on this Eid ul Fitr. Almost all actors and actress and even singers are joining Pashto cinema

Laila Recent Interview her First Pashto Film

This film’s director is Arshad Khan. Arshad Khan is the elder brother of actor Shahid Khan. Laila told reporters in her latest interview that: Urdu and Punjabi films are not being made. It is so sad to know that no Urdu film was released on this Eid ul Fitr. Pashto film industry is great platform for new actor and actress in Pakistan and which can bring good results for other languages movies, she said. 

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I must say old movies must be in the industry with the great prints.
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